It is always necessary and important to stay safe at all times. However, there are some crucial times that demand for extreme safety measures. We are used to taking different vehicular means to get to our respective destinations. But some factors like sickness, pregnancy and the likes can influence our transport choice.

In this article, we are going to be discussing why it’s risky for a pregnant woman to board a motorcycle.

Are motorcycles dangerous?

Now, this is quite controversial as most people would speak in favor of the motorcycle but let’s not forget the topic in discuss. There are a lot of statistics that show that motorcycles have more accidents as compared to cars or other four-wheeled vehicles. Don’t misunderstand this as reckless riding or driving is the basic reason why most road accidents occur.

Also, motorcycle accidents are quite fatal as more than often, there is always loss of lives.

Should pregnant women board motorcycles?         

Well, in the face of other safer options, boarding motorcycles would seem like an illogical choice to make. Let’s consider the fact that women are very fragile during pregnancy and as such, they should practice extreme safety. Also, in the case of pregnancy, there are two lives involved; the mother’s and the child’s.

There is seemingly no reason to risk the life of an unborn child all in the name of boarding a motorcycle.

The physiological effect of boarding a bike while you’re pregnant

A recent medical analysis postulated that boarding a bike puts a lot of strain on the rider as well as the passenger. This invariably means that there an increase in the heart rate, rush of adrenaline, all your muscles work in unison to maintain balance. This isn’t good for the mother and the unborn child as it can lead to miscarriage if it gets excess.

Most doctors don’t usually advice their pregnant patients against boarding motorcycles during the first trimester of their pregnancy. Some doctors often advice their patients to engage in some casual sports during their first phase of their pregnancy. However, bike riding is an extreme sport that should be considered critically.

Possible pregnancy risks and injuries

Boarding motorcycles poses a significant risk and threat to the mother and the unborn child as it can rupture the ligaments. This is due to some shocks and vibrations involved during the ride. You should understand that the uterus is protected by the ligaments surrounding it. If these protective ligaments get ruptured, it can seriously affect the fetus negatively.

Other road vehicles too also pose a significant threat to pregnant women who board bikes as accidents seem to stem from these means. One hit from a road vehicle can easily cause trauma to your stomach which might adversely the baby.

Final thoughts

It is quite crucial to exercise extreme safety measures during pregnancy. Staying safe altogether is very necessary. Keeping your unborn safe should be every expectant mother’s utmost priority. Exercising is important but it shouldn’t be taken too extreme. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the box below.

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