If you are an adept follower of the Kardashians like me then you must know about Kylie Jenner and her fortune story. I have been following the Kardashians since the inception of their reality show. I found it quite interesting probably because I am into modeling plus I’m a lover of looking good. Following the Kardashian story, I came to be quite particular about Kylie Jenner and how she broke the record with her cosmetics business.

As a social media addict, I’ve always kept up with her updates as regards her products launches, events, news and everything that can be gossiped about. I know quite well that Jenner is probably the best thing that happened since her lipstick began trending during the mid of November. But one thing I can’t seem to place my finger on was how she was able to beat Mark Zuckerberg at the millionaire race by being the youngest ever self-made billionaire at 21.

I do believe that hard work and diligence pays but I can’t seem to relate the same with Jenner as I do think that there is something quite spectacular with the way she goes about her cosmetic career. I’ve been trying to relate the way her updates goes viral like wildfire and how her products sell. In this comparison, I resolved that her infinite number of followers and fans on social media are the inevitable reasons why her business keeps thriving as showbiz is serious business. 

I have a got a fair share of followers and fans but Jenner is off the charts as Forbes magazine even deemed it necessary to get interested in her cosmetic career as she has been featured on their front pages countlessly. Not so long after she signed a deal with Ulta, she decided to go to the Ulta Avenue in Richmond, California to welcome fans and take a few selfies. The resultant effect of this gesture was an increased number of followers on her social media accounts and sales of her cosmetic products. I was quite flabbergasted with this turnout and wondered if Jenner really has the Midas touch. 

She merely exhibited a friendly gesture and this boomed her sales. I’ve also noticed that she’s used gestures like this to warm her way into the hearts of female teens and aspiring celebs. These teens would probably be thinking: “if Jenner recommends it then I must have it”. 

Listening to Jenner in one of her Oprah interviews, she attributed her business breakthrough to her social media influence as she stated that she needed to have a firm grip on social media before launching her cosmetic career. I listened intently as she seamlessly said these words. Speaking of seamlessness, her marketing is mostly done on social media where she only needs to upload short skits and photo captions and in a few seconds she’d have an infinite number of likes and comments.

Taking a deeper look into the Kardashian business, I’ve come to understand that there are the Kardashians and there is Kylie Jenner. Personally, I think she has succeeded in sculpting out a brand for herself making her look like the biblical “Joseph” of her family. I also can’t help but wonder if her success has aroused some envy in her half-sisters as they are all into the business of showbiz. She also took a smart step by employing her mom to oversee financial and management issues in her business. The young mogul also has just 5 part-time employees and 7 full-time employees which I consider quite brilliant. She smartly outsources manufacturing and packaging from Seed Beauty; a private label producer based in California while sales and shipment are done by Shopify merchants. Notwithstanding what anyone might think, I do feel she has a smarter approach to business than her sisters or she is just lucky.

The young billionaire intends to expand her cosmetic coast further. From all obvious reasons, it can only get better as she keeps signing exclusive deals that would certainly result in more profit. Well, while I wish her well with that, I would keep using her glossy lipsticks as I’m also a loyal fan. I am still an addict of the runway and the magazine front page and yes! I love Kylie Jenner.