HushPuppi warns against bringing 'unwanted babies' into the world to suffer

Nigerian fashionista, Raymond HushPuppi has taken to social media to warn against bringing ‘unwanted babies’ into the world to suffer.

The Nigerian Dubai based big boy made this known in a recent post he shared on Instagram today, May 21, 2020.

HushPuppi said that most women both married and single are more likely to get pregnant during this lockdown as most men now have nothing doing other than staying at home.

Writing on the foreseen aftermath of Covid-19HushPuppirevealed that things are likely to get worse after lockdown and it is not wise for people to bring ‘unwanted babies’ into the world to suffer through unwanted pregnancies.

He however agreed that children are blessing from God but warned that people should only accept such blessings when they’re ready for them.

HushPuppi who was recently dragged by Zubby Michaelfor allegedly having “unexplained money” concluded by saying that, accepting these blessings without being financially stable would mean becoming a beggar in the near future.

Refer to his post below;

I know a lot of people are going through different struggles during this corona pandemic time, we have been locked down and a lot of young people find this as an opportunity to bond with their partners more during this quarantine period but one thing you should be careful about is bringing unwanted or planned babies into this world that you will not be able to afford a proper care for. A lot of jobs will be lost in the near future and a lot of young people are not financially stable for themselves and now you want to get someone pregnant or be pregnant for a boy who has no plans for you. I know children are blessings but make sure you are ready for this type of blessings before you ask for it. Don’t accept blessing that will turn you to a beggar in the future. Be warned

HushPuppi warns against bringing 'unwanted babies' into the world to suffer

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