Reality TV star Masika Kalysha was reportedly fired fro, Double Cross for faking a kidnapping.

Bringing attention to an important cause is usually seen as a good thing, but sometimes people in the public eye take creating awareness a few steps too far. Actress and reality star Masika Kalysha took a huge misstep when she recently posted a video to her social media page, faking her own kidnapping and asking for donations from her followers to her OnlyFans page. After a brief moment of concern from fans, Masika tried to explain away the spectacle by saying that the stunt was only an attempt to draw attention to sex trafficking and that her cuts and bruises in the clip were makeup from her role in a series about the issue.

That series is the show “Double Cross,” which is, in fact, about two sisters fighting child sex trafficking and was set to star Masika in the second season. However, now it seems Kalysha’s video, which most viewers agree was offensive and in poor taste, has lost her a job. In a statement given to The Blast, streaming service UMC explained, “In light of the offensive video posted by Masika Kalysha while on the set of our series, ‘Double Cross’, we’ve made the decision to part ways with her immediately and will be recasting her role.”

The president of the R.O.S.E. organization, the non-profit for which Masika claimed to be raising money, also spoke out against the incident, posting a video saying she would not be accepting any donations from OnlyFans. Kalysha originally stood by her decision, even replying to R.O.S.E. president Toni Drivera, saying, “Shame on you. You had an amazing opportunity to bring awareness to your cause and in turn you take the very press that I gave you and use it to turn on me?”

However, the actress has since issued an apology, saying, “I am aware that the way I went about it was distasteful, and I apologize to anyone whom I have offended or hurt with my delivery.” She also claimed that she never intended to personally profit from the stunt, despite asking fans for donations to her personal page.


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