Nobody Investigates Poverty – Singer, Tony One week Reacts To Arrest Of Billionaire E-Money

Singer Tony One week has reacted to the arrest of young Nigerian billionaire and entrepreneur Emeka Okonkwo simply called E-Money.
Tony One week fumed at the Nigerian government for picking up E-Money, the Chairman of Five Star Group to investigate him over his wealth.

E-Money was in the news after the Lagos Police Command picked him up so investigations will be carried out to look into his flamboyant lifestyle and his source of wealth.

This also comes after rumors circulated on social media that police escorts undertake domestic errands for him.

Tony One week angrily jabbed the police for making such a move on him claiming the police does not investigate the poor but the rich,

According to him, when E-Money and his elder brother were hustling in the streets back in the day nobody cared but now he has made it big in life and people and investigations are being made on him.

The musician shared a throwback photo of himself and E-Money together with other friends and further explained that nobody investigates poverty.

“I am happy that E-Money has the “required” Goodwill that set him free (within a few hours) from this aborted embarrassment. Emeka is a good man.

He is different, benevolent, and very humble. Some Igbos do not love themselves shaa. Sad to hear that E-Money’s travail was ignited by a fellow Igbo man. Na waa,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

See the screenshot below

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