Nigerians have taken to social media to react to the news of the first case of Corona Virus in Nigeria.

New emerged that an Italian man who had travelled back from Italy tested positive to the virus and is now being treated.

Nigerians have now taken to Twitter to react to theis news.

One person tweeted;

”Our gov’t is vry silly. 4give me Dey shd hav taken preventiv measures d moment it was announced in oda countrs insted Bubu was goin2chop life. Knowin sooner or later it wil get here but dey rather let it in so it cn b used 2embazzle funds”

Another person wrote;

”The smart thing to do is toimmediately ask everyone to stay in doors for the next 14days from Monday but mumu is we won’t .#coronavirusnigeria


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