Tekashi 6ix9ine lives his best life in Los Angeles, linking up with rapper Akon while embracing the love from the city’s inhabitants.

The rainbow-haired controversial rapper touched down in L.A. a few days ago much to the dismay of The Game, DaniLeigh, Reason, and the late Nipsey Hussle’s former bodyguard J-Roc. They have all spoken up about 69 visiting their city, especially since one of the first places he visited upon landing in Los Angeles was Nipsey Hussle’s mural, painted in the late rapper’s neighborhood. 69 then proceeded to do a photo-op showcasing him paying his respects to the music icon. However, many have considered his presence as disrespectful.

Singer Danileigh tweeted, “6ix9ine needa leave my city , he’s a big clown” and “Idc, that nipsey video was mad disrespectful to me !!! Ion fck w that.”

Still, Tekashi 6ix9ine remains unbothered as he posted more videos of his time in Los Angeles as he walks the street with rapper Akon. The pair first met up back in June after 69 was given an early release from prison. They teased a follow-up to Akon’s 2004 hit song “Locked Up.” Akon, however, received huge backlash for collaborating with a “snitch”. He recently spoke out in defense of the situation addressing it during an interview with Ak & Barak on Sirius XM on Friday.

“When you’re black and hispanic, we only field each other when something is f**ked up and then people get behind that and add more gasoline to it. But not everybody sits around and listens to both sides of the story and understands the mind of the person being attacked. And when it comes to Tekashi, there was his story, their story and the truth,” he shared.

In another of the videos, this time one posted via TMZ as caught from their reporters, Tekashi 6ix9ine defended his decision to visit Nipsey’s mural. The video shows Tekashi, his girlfriend Jade, and Akon walking down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, surrounded by an enormous amount of security personnel. The cameraman then proceeds to ask Tekashi what he thinks about people who feel that he disrespected Nipsey Hussle by taking photos in front of the mural.

He responded, “I love Nipsey. You saw I paid respect – got on one knee. I love Nipsey, you heard? Just like you love Biggie. That’s it. That’s all.”

During those same videos taken on Rodeo, Tekashi 6ix9ine also gives back to his loving fans who have been following him all around as he makes it a point to be out in the streets despite advisement against doing so out of fear for his safety. In one clip posted to his Instagram, he turns around and says, “Look. It’s all hundreds, it’s all hundreds. Look this what I do in L.A. this all hundreds.”

He then throws up the stack of cash in the air as fans swarm, jumping on the ground and fighting to grab whatever cash they can get. Tekashi revels at the moment before continuing on his walk down the street.


It seems Tekashi 6ix9ine might not only be the King of New York but the King of L.A. as well. Fans highlight that despite death threats, he very well may be the first rapper to make it out of L.A. alive.



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