Viral TikTok star Julian Bass is back as Black Panther, Static Shock, and Green Lantern. A new clip showing off his VFX skills has him showing off some of the most popular heroes in the world of comic books. Earlier this year, Bass signed to ICM Partners before the year even started at Georgia State for him. It’s wild to see the young video artist’s rise after that viral clip with Ben 10, Spider-Man and a Jedi. Bob Iger, Louis D’Esposito, and Matthew Cherry all took notice of the impressive TikTok. As a part of all that attention, Bass got to speak to a number of outlets about viral fame and how it has changed his life. GMA asked about that first week, and he tried to play it cool until everything actually played out. No doubt this current video will bring some more attention.

“I was just kinda saying to myself, wouldn’t it be funny if Disney called me… It’s kind of surreal. Then to see [Bob Iger’s] tweet there, it was everything I could have ever hoped for. I was obsessed with superheroes and I wanted to give myself superpowers. As a fan of this stuff, to have the opportunity now, to maybe be apart of it is huge to me,” he explained.

“You know, it went to my head the first day, so I think its simmering down now. I’m trying to capitalize on it now, with all these people reaching out,” Bass laughed with ABC. “Make the smartest move going forward. My family is getting calls from people they don’t even know. I’m like, ‘How are you finding my mother’s phone number?’ It’s crazy people are reaching out and saying congratulations.”

“I would say that hearing from Louis D’Esposito with Marvel has been the biggest thing for me. I was like, ‘Oh my goodness, this is Marvel Studios right here on the phone!’ I missed the first call which is probably the worst thing to do,” he recalled. “But I was able to make time for that and call them back, it was amazing.”

In another interview with THR, Bass explained all the various attention. “It’s insane. No other way to put it,” he admitted. “I actually had a video go viral a while ago that Matthew Cherry saw, this was before I even had a Twitter account, and he and I are now connected! But people like James Gunn, Tara Strong, Casey Neistadt, Josh Gad, Mark Hamill himself! I mean, these are people who have always been on my radar and it means everything in the world to me that now they’ve inspired me to a point where I’m on theirs. And as for Bob Iger, [it’s the] icing on the cake!!”

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