Most of us are probably in one form of relationship or another. While most guys might be so lucky to have their dream girls as girlfriends, other guys may not. Some guys are victims of unspoken intentions, how? You may be friendly with a girl you have serious intentions for, and still stay quiet about it. The reason most guys indulge in this might be because they may be scared of losing the girl altogether.

While being in the friend-zone might seem like a difficult place to be, guys should learn to make intentional moves that will help in sending their intended message across if they are scared to verbalize it.

How can guys make intentional moves?

Now, as a guy, you should understand that most girls are quite perceptive. This means that girls possess the innate ability to know if you’re posing as an acquaintance, friend or boyfriend. You can use this to your advantage by making romantic moves. Once you’ve established that you want to date her, start making boyfriend moves as this helps in communicating your unspoken intentions.

It’s okay if you’ve been finding it difficult to make intentional moves as we are going to be discussing some simple but effective ways you can achieve that in the subsequent paragraphs.


This may sound casual, but strolling affords you a chance to know her better as you will get to ask some intimate questions. If you’re just getting to know her, it’s advisable to stroll in areas that she’s comfortable with so you won’t give off the wrong impressions. Most guys often make the mistake of asking girls over to their house at first meetings. This might portray you as having ulterior intentions.

Keep your initial meetings or outings with a girl open and casual. Once she starts getting comfortable around you, then you can resort to the “come over to my house” proposal.

Frequent communication

For someone you like, you will want to stay in their hearts and minds. How do you do this? You communicate! Now, you shouldn’t start giving her incessant phone calls like a stalker or her mom. You can make it a priority to send her a check-up text almost daily. Do not adopt a time-pattern and read the last sentence again and pay attention to “almost”, which means you can skip some days.

The reason why you should resort to texting often instead of calls is that, most girls consider incessant calls somewhat invasive and may respond adversely to them. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t call, do, but keep it on the moderate level.





Most guys seem to have issues giving gifts. Gifting doesn’t portray you as naïve or desperate, it’s simply a natural phenomenon. Also, you’re not obligated to give expensive gifts; you may find it astounding to know that most girls appreciate the intent more than the gifts. As a tip, endeavor to give gifts that bear love or romantic symbols as this sends the right impression.

Final thoughts

You should understand that some girls might be indisposed to relationship proposals, and this shouldn’t dent your self-worth. You should simply take it as a stroke of fate and move on. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments in the box below.

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