Oh Great Nigeria!!!
What have you done with yourself?

You are freed but still enslaved.
Your land is so rich with natural resources
But your people live in poverty;
Blessed with so many professionals
But deficient in professional opportunities.
Your people are great outside,
But remain daunted inside.
You are the most populous country in Africa
Yet you are deficient in manpower.
You have all that it takes to be the best nation ever
But your blessings are lived like a curse.
Your people are killing each other
And everyone including the leaders seem not to be concerned.
You blame the politician for your problems
Yet almost everyone lives in dishonesty
You are theocentric (God-center) in your values, beliefs, attitudes, and perception
Yet full of atrocities, corruptions, and wickedness,
A communal people living in isolated and self-centeredness.
Your religions are used for manipulations
And your true prophets, you have killed.
You become the mocker of your God.

O Great Nigeria!
What have you done to yourself?

All hope is not lost!

Rise up Nigeria
Take up your glory
Your God is still alive
Ready to bless you if you do right
Your are still blessed with natural resources
You are still very populous
You still have many great professionals and educators
You are a hopeful people.

Turn to righteousness
Work for the good of the nation
Work for the good of all
Encourage the talents
Use your potentials
Build your nation.
Clean up the systemic.

I pray for love between your people
I pray for peace
I pray for truth
I pray for joy and happiness
I pray for sincerity
I pray for patriotism.
I pray for togetherness.


Be Blessed.

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