Stories : The Good, the Lies, and the Reality,

      The fear of being broke in a country like Nigeria is the beginning of wisdom. We all wake up in the morning to meet a country so determined to break her people, a county that puts more effort in making sure that her citizens are pushed to the limit. Well that the country we have all woke up to witness, but we will all be failures if we play by her rules, we will all be considered weaknesses if we play by her rules  we will all be considered weaklings if we allow those negativities to affect our dreams of have all heard one story or the other about how some big names we know today made it from grass to grace, how they pasted through thick and thin to get where they are today.

But the major issue with these motivational stories is that none of them are willing to tell you what they actually did to achieve such tremendous results. But who are we to doubt them, we were not there when it happened. So, it will be rather inappropriate to doubt those stories. These stories can be traced to those ones that told us they had no shoes, but it was later we relised they once wore the best Macasine foot wear at the age of 21 back in the 70s. There were also those who claim to have sold firewood to survive only for us to later find out that their father was the biggest cow merchant in the then Northern Nigeria,  oh! Did we forget that super rich billionaire that told us he sold Lollipops back in his school days but never told us his Great Grand father was once the richest man in Africa and that his grand father was the first and biggest customer of what is now known as the first Bank of Nigeria PLC depositing 21 camels wagon of gold coins back in the 1900s.

They will never tell that, rather they will come up with that never give sermon accompanied with one or two conversational motivational quotes. The point is, nobody understands you morethan you; you know what works for you, so why don’t you takea step out there, go beyond the motivational stories and write your own story in your own words, with your own ink.

Another thing we need to avoid is the western type of motivation, an average American will always encourage you to pursue your dreams no matter what, but bro, this is Nigeria, you need to secure your dreams by giving it some kind of security –get your self a second job just in case the dreams fail. For those ones who are some how obsessed with those western motivational speeches, you here to understand that these guys has more organized government system that allow them stand back on their feet even when those dreams fail. So,  when you finally decide to dream, dream smart, always have in mind that we. So, when you finally decide to dream, dream smart, always have in mind that we are all unfortunate enough to find ourselves in a situation where those people meant to encourage our dreams are the ones taking it away from us.

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