Atletico Madrid is set to announce temporary redundancy to a number of their workers as the Coronavirus pandemic hits the football world hard. 

The club’s manager, Diego Simeone, and the players will not be spared either, as they will take a wage cut as the club struggles through the challenging period. 

Simeone is the highest-paid football manager, taking, home £700,000 a week, while there are a number of players too paid highly. 

They will become the second club in the Spanish LaLiga to take such measures after Barcelona announced similar plans late last week. 

“Everyone is doing ERTEs,” the club’s president Enrique Cerezo said when asked on whether or not they will have to take that route.

“But ERTEs are not EREs,” he added in reference to permanent lay-offs.

“We have spoken to the players and they are aware of the situation. I know that there were be no problem, not from them, or the coaching staff,” he added. 

A number of clubs across the world are forced to find temporary solutions to the problems caused by the virus, which has forced leagues across the world to be halted. 

Juventus is leading the Serie A clubs in taking similar steps, with players set to take from between 20-30% cut. 


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