Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi says focusing on good news and the sense of a collective national effort can help in tackling mental health during this coronavirus pandemic. 

The English Premier League is marking the Mental Health Awareness Week and a number of players have spoken about their struggles with mental health as well as offering advice on how to tackle the illness. 

Mustafi said acknowledged that doctors are at the biggest risk of suffering from mental health illnesses during this period. 

“All of the doctors are doing amazing jobs and as a nation we are trying to overcome this together, and this is something very important and very positive,” Mustafi told Premier League official website.

“If we are able to be more positive, we can overcome all this quicker and better than if you try to pick negative things out and try to destroy our mental health.”

The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is kindness, and last month Mustafi made a birthday donation of 16,000 meals to vulnerable people in Islington.

“Normally for your birthday you get presents and you are the main point of the day, but because I couldn’t be with family and friends and everybody, [I thought] maybe it’s the time to try to give instead of receive,” he says.

“Especially in this time and this situation that we’re in, we need to try help each other, try be there for each other when we can, to overcome all this together.”


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