Former Juventus President Giovanni Cobolli Gigli has accused Cristiano Ronaldo of ‘complicating things’ at the club during the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Gigli believes matters got out of hand when the Portuguese international was allowed to leave the club and head home to see his sick mother.

The Juventus squad was forced into self-isolation after Daniele Rugani tested positive for Coronavirus, but Ronaldo was allowed to leave camp, just before Italy was put under total lockdown.

Other players have since been allowed to leave for their respective countries, and Gigli believes it would have been different if Ronaldo was not allowed to leave.

“Things at Juventus got complicated when Cristiano Ronaldo left,” Gigli told Radio Punto Nuovo.

“He said he was going to Portugal because of his mother, but now he only appears to be taking pictures by the pool.

“When the exception was made for him, things fell apart and others wanted to leave but it shouldn’t have been like this.

“They all should have been quarantined.”

The former official believes players not currently with the team will not be fit enough once action resumes, and will need some sessions before catching up.

“Criticising now is easy, but from the outside, I don’t know why players wanted to leave Italy.

“When they return it’ll be more difficult to get back in shape because they’ll have to stay in quarantine for 14 days.”

Major football leagues across the world have been postponed as a result of the virus, with Italy the most-hit among European countries.


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