Manchester United captain Harry Maguire was arrested in the early hours of this morning after being involved in a fight in Mykonos, Greece.

According to the Greek paper Ɵema, Maguire and some friends were fighting with another group of Englishmen outside a bar in Mykonos town centre.

‘Police in Mykonos handcuffed the captain of Manchester United, Harry Maguire, in the early hours of Friday morning,’ the outlet reports.

‘Harry Maguire was spotted by police outside a bar after a wild incident he allegedly had with other Englishmen on the “island of the winds”.

The paper does not specify what the ‘wild incident’ was, but it was sufficient for local citizens to call the police who arrived on the scene late last night.

‘When the police intervened to stop the quarrel, three people from a group of Englishmen attacked the [police]men verbally and using physical violence.’

‘As a result, the police brought the three Englishmen – among them the United central defender – to Mykonos police station.’

‘Even there, however, the three suspects continued to provoke while attacking and beating two police officers, resulting in their arrest.’

It is potentially terrible news for United and not the start to the summer that manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer would have hoped for.

United’s players behaved impeccably during lockdown but this incident cannot go unnoticed by the manager, who is known to set high standards of behaviour from his players.


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