Leicester City goalkeeper has leapt to the defence of his Manchester United counterpart David de Gea ahead of their final English Premier League tie on Sunday.

De Gea has come under immense scrutiny in recent weeks after errors, including the two blunders that gifted Chelsea FA Cup win, raising questions about his performances.

Kasper Schmeichel has staunchly defended fellow goalkeeper David de Gea after recent criticism of the Manchester United No 1’s form.

But now the Leicester keeper has defended his opposite number one saying that the pundits have no idea what goalkeeping job is.

“It can be very difficult and you’ve got to remember, and this is with absolutely no disrespect to journalists or pundits, but you’ve actually never stood in that goal.

“You would classify things as mistakes or errors, and there are things that are glaring sometimes, but often this narrative can be created around a goalkeeper because it’s the pundits and journalists’ job to educate and that’s their job. They’re telling their educated opinions about goalkeeping, things like hand positions, feet positions, technical things which sometimes is quite damaging to a goalkeeper.

“You hear comments like, ‘going with the wrong hand’, or other throw away things that they’ll say which will make the consumer or viewer think, ‘oh yeah, that’s right, I see he’s done it again’.”

“There is a lot of pressure also in the sense that you now have an England goalkeeper coming through and, like it or not, in this country when you have an English goalkeeper, that means so much and they really do tend to build them up.”

All eyes will be on the King Power this weekend as Leicester look to make it into the Champions League for a second time, with Red Devils looking to spoil their party with their own Champions League aspirations as well.


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