Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeau will be used as the centre for healthcare supplies in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic.

The grounds will serve as the major point of distribution of various supplies to hospitals and other facilities within Madrid after the club and High Court for Sport reached an agreement.

It will also provide storage for donations received from organizations and businesses, particularly those belonging to the sports sector.

“All of the stored supplies will be passed on to the Spanish health authorities, under the authority of the Spanish government, so that the resources, so necessary in the current health emergency situation, are employed in the best and most efficient manner,” read a statement from the club.

Adding: “In addition, Real Madrid will provide a facility for organisations and businesses, particularly those belonging to the sports sector, to leave money or material donations that they wish to make to the Ministry of Health. This initiative is in addition to those which, pursuing similar outreach aims, may be established by the government,”

The club also made a substantial donation to the City of Madrid in the fight against the virus, joining other clubs in extending a helping hand.

Spain is one of the most hit countries in Europe, with 56,197 reported cases and more than 4,000 deaths.


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