As the Serie A looks to resume, clubs are doing their part by testing all staff members of the coronavirus, and Udinese has released the club’s results.

The club made the following statement after receiving the results:

“Udinese Calcio announces that, after completing screening on Wednesday, the molecular and serological tests for all the players and members of the staff returned negative.”

This is a sign toward a come-back for Udinese, which yesterday confirmed their desire to play in a letter directed towards minister Spadafora, stating:

“The desire of Gianpaolo Pozzo and Udinese, already underlined in more circumstances, is exactly like the other clubs of Serie A, and it’s to return to play as soon as possible. Respecting the necessary security conditions and, as requested in the letter, soliciting an ad hoc regulatory provision that relieves social doctors and managers from the heavy civil and criminal responsibilities deriving from current protocols and standards.”


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