Ajax winger Hakim Ziyech was on Friday given an emotional farewell ahead of his move to Chelsea.

The curtains to his Ajax career came down at an Amsterdam theatre, where he watched a video montage of his days at the club.

The Morocco international did not have the chance to bid a proper farewell to the club’s fans and teammates, after the coronavirus pandemic halted the league, eventually leading to its cancellation.

“It’s a bit strange,” said Ziyech as quoted by Chelsea’s official website.

“You know that everything comes to an end, but it’s a strange way of closing this chapter.

“I am happy to take the next step, but you don’t want to end it like this. It feels as if you didn’t pass the exams, that’s how it feels. You’re powerless. It doesn’t feel like the season ended successfully,”

In response to the overwhelming messages from teammates, the winger said;

“Beautiful, beautiful. These guys have been so important in my career before Ajax and with Ajax. They supported me in the hard times and always had my back.

“These guys helped me a lot in my development as a player and a person. I learn from them every day,”

His mother’s message, however, touched him the most, and he broke into tears.

“I’m really happy for you that you will go to London,” she said.

“Do your best, take good care, and behave like a gentleman. I love you and I am proud of you. Good luck in London.”

Ziyech took a while to compose himself before responding;

“Of course, I know what I’m doing it for. It’s the words your mother often says to you. My mother.

“She’s a proud woman. I can see that she’s proud although she tries to hide it. Just knowing the hard life that she’s had, you know,”

Ziyech signed a five-year-contract with the London side in February this year and will join his new team once the current season is completed.

He spent four successful years in the Netherlands with the Eredivisie champions and was arguably their best player in the last two seasons.

Watch the farewell video here.

Source: https://futaa.com/article/207324/it-s-a-strange-way-of-closing-this-chapter-ziyech-s-emotional-farewell-message-to-teammates-ahead-of-chelsea-move

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