Most of us have found ourselves in sober moods like depression, frustration and the likes. The strange thing about such moods is that they are, most times, accompanied with the feeling of wanting to be alone. This is probably because we feel that no one will understand what we are going through and as such, we should be left alone.

Most people often resort to talking about their depressed state on social media. While this is often frowned at, we should understand that during such moods, there is a subconscious craving for attention. To some people, confiding in a friend about their depressed state is interpreted as weakness, hence, posting on social media. We all should possess the innate discernment to understand that not everyone will talk about his/her feelings.

Some people are quite good at masking their depressed state with a smile as they won’t want to be questioned. In this regard, we should always take out time to reach out to friends. Everyone is not okay, most of us are going through difficult phases in our lives, and we are in serious need of emotional support.

On social media, we often tend to underestimate most suicidal posts, but recently, the rate of suicide is quite alarming. When someone makes a suicidal post on social media, the comments that follow aren’t encouraging at all. Most comments often joke about the post or sarcastically encourage the person to commit suicide. Such situations shouldn’t be laughed at as you might not know the circumstances surrounding such posts.

People handle depression differently. Some individuals can be quite receptive to difficult situations, while others tend to break down or give up. With this, we should know that people are emotionally structured in diverse ways.

Learn to reach out often

If you haven’t heard from a friend in a while, reach out to know what’s wrong. You would be quite amazed at how a simple phone call or text from a friend can lighten one’s mood. Also, it doesn’t hurt to compliment people. Most of us are found wanting in this regard as we don’t often see the need to compliment people.

Give sincere compliments

How do you feel when you receive a hearty compliment? Well, such compliments tend to elevate your self-worth as you’d start feeling good about yourself. It has the same effect in other people too so don’t get stingy with your compliments. This doesn’t mean that you should go about flattering people as you might come off as sarcastic. Give sincere compliments, don’t lie.



Mind your utterances

It is okay to get pissed or angry, but while you’re in this mood, mind what you say. Say what you mean, but don’t say it in a mean way. You can call someone to order without sounding harsh. Words have the tendency of hurting feelings and destroying relationships. If you feel so angry to speak at that moment, you can leave the scene to go cool off.

Final thoughts

It doesn’t hurt to reach out or confide in friends. Understand that no one is an island, you need people, and people need you. Our existence revolves around interdependency. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments in the box below.



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