The Mystery Food Drum and a Starving Kingdom

So it happened that the famine in the animal kingdom wasn’t getting any better, the drought worsens by the day while hunger and thirst has made mothers feed on the carcass of their babies and blood their blood drank to quench the unbearable try throat. A plain view of the animal kingdom is just a perfect definition of a gory site to behold, a feeling that made the lion (the presiding king) to once again hold an emergency meeting that had all the prominent parties in participation. But unlike other meetings, this one had a more realistic prospect; they are going to seek for solution outside their circle. In attendance werethe rabbit, the tortoise, the Eagle, the Chipmunk, and the elephant.

Unlike their last meeting, they are now in agreement to go to the land of the spirits in search of a Mystery Food Drum which is said to contain abundance of food that can feed the whole animal kingdom for centuries. During their last sitting, they were in total disagreement on the idea of going to the land of the spirits due to the anticipated dangers, but when the drought grew worse they had to reconsider their options.

Now in unison to make the journey to the spirit land in search of the mystery drum, the kung (the lion) had to send only three delegates to embark on this journey .The picked his delegates according to their abilities, at first the king selected the Chipmunk because of its speed and the ability to perform every task in a space of some seconds, the Elephant – because of his enormous weight which can be used to intimidate any external force that comes in their way, and lastly the Eagle – because of its flight abilities which can be leveraged on to sight any impending danger long before they come any closer. To the rest of the cabinet this was a perfect choice until the tortoise raised his hand in objection, my king he said, “I must commend your wisdom in your method of section, but I must request that Ibecome part of this term who will make the journey to the spirit land “.

This came as surprise to the rest of the king’s cabinet because the tortoise has always been known to be a reluctant, lazy fellow, an attitude that is even visible from his movement. Mr. tortoise, the rabbit began it’s obvious you know the clateria for which was used in selecting this term; they were all picked based on their special abilities. He continued… everybody here know you to be the slowest man in this kingdom and besides there are no special abilities that can be attributed to you. Though the point made by the rabbit was worth considering, but after a long argument among the sitting members the tortoise was granted a request to be part of the team.

Now four in number: the Eagles, the Chipmunk, the Elephant, and the Tortoise, they all set out a journey some of the animals consider a “journey of no return”. Before they left, they shared responsibility among themselves: the Eagle is made to lead the way so as to sight an impending danger, the chipmunk is meant to run away as fast as possible with the food drum as soon as the elephant pulls down the brick rift where the spirits built a kind of fortress round the around drum to guide it against intruders. As for the tortoise, he was tasked to distract the spirits standing as guides just outside the rift. Seven days and seven nights they walked until they got to the place where the most talked about mystery food drum was resting on a solitary base just outside the main abroad of the spirits. Right there the tortoise swung into action doing exactly what use delegated to do, distract the guards.

The elephant in his slow by furious walk steps pasted the guard’s post without being noticed courtesy of the tortoise silly jokes which he had engaged the guards with. Boom! The falling noise of the wall tremble, too intense to ignore, the spirit guards quickly rushed to the rift abandoning their new strange friend with all his silly funny stories. But it was a little too late because the chipmunk has run half way away from the rift. Now aroused with the presence of the invaders, the whole army of spirits pursued the invaders but with major attention on the tortoise which they have noticed his slow acceleration. But their hopes was dashed after the Eagle swiftly hovered above their headsand yanked off the tortoise. In disappointment they watch the tortoise being raised above the ground by the eagle’s strong grip.

Now heading back home with so much joy in their hearts that they have finally saved their land of the terrible famine that has besieged it. The tortoise was practically fantasizing about how his image as some lazy slow animal will eventually fade on getting to know he participated in this heroic adventure. But their joy fast faded away on realizing that their were more vultures than the main occupants of the land. Their fear came face- to- face with their doubts on perceiving this horrible smell of dead bodies. That moment it was clear; they where too late, the vultures has come to feed on the carcass of their dead country men who starved to death few day after their departure. .

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