Crazy Ex Revenge that is Common Among Nigerians

      It’s amazing how vindictive Nigerians could be when they encounter heart breaks with their spouses, though some of them will prefer to let it lay but majority will like to be more dramatic about the whole thing, hence vengeance.

           But then, how one will chooses to ask after a broken relationship is actually very necessary. Well, this depends on the personality, as well as the individuals involved and the reason behind the break up.

           If the persons involved are vindictive in nature then you are in for a Big Hairy Crazy Revenge, but if not consider your as lucky because most times revenge are more dangerous than the actual event which is why we will always advise that no matter how bad the relationship turns out to be, physical violence will not in any way result to a viable conclusion.

No matter how hard the break up hit you try find a way to keep your cool and remain rational in your actions. Below, you are going to list different crazy ways Nigerians take revenge on their ex:

1. Violence

           This is peculiar to the female folks especially when they feel used and dumped, most of them take to destroying any of their guy’s properties they set their eyes on, Television, Sound system, laptops, phones, glass windows, e.t.c. Just about anything they can lay their vengeful hands on. Some will even turn to smart phone thieves over night, as far as your phone is on sight, they are taking it with them. Yap, that’s how crazy it could be.

2. Counter Betrayal

This is peculiar to both the male and the female folks, in situation when either of them cheats, the victim will deliberately choose to sleep with their friends just to get back at them.

        Take for example when a girl cheats on the boyfriend, a situation that led to a breakup, the guy sets out on a revenge mission to sleep either the girls ‘s sister or the closest friend, that way he will be at peace with himself.

3. Extreme Violence

Some lovers are extremists, once you breakup with them they start hunting you like a fugitive as if you stole from them.

         Though this act familiar with the girls, they tend to go overboard with every break up, they go to the extent of hiring some professional bouncers on you, a situation that leaves with physical damages; worse case scenario death.

4. Bad Mouthing

When a girl is dumped, some of them tend to go round with the news to any ear that wishes to listen telling them how bad youare and how horrible you have been treating her while in relationship.

          If you are unfortunate enough to encounter such people they may even go as far as reporting you to your parents, that is after they are done with doing same with your friends.

We will have to stop here, though there other really crazy way some people react when they ex their relationships ,but the ones we just listed above are considered the commonest ones. See you in the next article.

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